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Food • Greentech • Agriculture
Jersey City, NJ
150 Employees

At Oishii, we grow the best fruit in the world by deploying ground-breaking vertical farming technology that pushes the boundaries of agriculture. We’re the first in the world to grow fruit in an indoor vertical farm at commercial scale. We started with strawberries, which we debuted at Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, the three star Michelin restaurant considered by critics to be among the best in the world. Since then, we have supplied our strawberries to food-loving consumers, world-class restaurants, and specialty retailers across NYC. Our proprietary technology, developed through years of intensive research in Japan and the US, enables us to grow the very best produce year-round, at the same high level of quality, all without using any pesticides. We have rapidly expanded our farm facilities and assembled a world-class team with backgrounds spanning vertical farming, industrial automation, farm operations, and data analysis. Oishii has been profiled in Eater, NPR, Time, and Fortune. If you’re interested in building the farm of the future with us, we look forward to hearing from you!

Food • Greentech • Social Impact • Software • Agriculture
New York , NY
650 Employees

Right outside of cities, we build tech-enabled, smart indoor farms that grow flavorful, sustainable, and safe produce. We are a mission-driven team of creative builders, problem-solvers, and activators and we're reimagining farming from the ground up. We foster a collaborative culture where individuals choose to opt-in, think wildly different, break barriers together, and be kind to the core every single day.

Greentech • Social Impact • Software • Transportation • Business Intelligence
Brooklyn, NY
24 Employees

Dollaride is a mobility company for communities underserved by public transit. We make public transit accessible to people who live in transit deserts. We specialize in building technology that supports micro-transit routes in the highest need areas in NYC. Passionate about the ‘dollar vans’ in NYC, an informal network of shuttles, Dollaride is dedicated to improving shared transportation options in areas that need it the most.

Greentech • Social Impact • Energy
Brooklyn, NY
94 Employees

BlocPower is upgrading America’s buildings to be smarter, greener and healthier for all—fighting the climate crisis and creating good green jobs.

Food • Greentech • Other • Business Intelligence • Manufacturing
3 Employees

Mammoth is a mission-driven early-stage B2B vertical SaaS on a mission to revolutionize the CPG industry and unlock supply chain resilience through advanced and integrated technology. Built by multi-exit founders and billion-dollar startup operators, our intelligent supply chain platform leverages real-time data and AI to revolutionize how high-growth food and consumer companies navigate the complexities of supply chain management and enhance efficiency, responsiveness, and resilience. We help companies easily and flexibly connect all their data, get answers instantly, and collaborate seamlessly to optimize decision-making and drive gross profit while reducing waste and establishing robust, transparent, and sustainable supply chains. We are a seasoned, optimistic, ambitious, and mission-driven team, who have raised over $2M in venture funding from leading early stage investors including BoxGroup (Plaid, Stripe, Warby Parker), Ludlow Ventures (Honey, StockX, AngelList), and Third Sphere (Bowery Farming, Mill, BlocPower). Our headquarters are in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

eCommerce • Greentech • Sharing Economy
New York (Manhattan - Union Square Park), NY
700 Employees

At the heart of Back Market is a simple idea: make devices a bit cleaner by making them last a bit longer. We think it's time to offer a strong and mainstream alternative to new products by making existing used devices more appealing to potential customers and making them accessible as a strong alternate option.

Greentech • Hardware • Real Estate • Software • Energy
New York, NY
85 Employees

Runwise is a fast-paced, customer-focused New York City / Boston based energy tech startup that controls the heating systems in nearly 2000 + buildings throughout the Northeast. Runwise’s unique hardware and software service significantly reduces energy usage, substantially lowering costs and carbon output.

Greentech • Energy • Chemical
New York, NY
63 Employees

Since 2017, our mission has been to address the dramatic surge in atmospheric carbon levels by utilizing CO2 as a climate solution. We’re united by our drive to move society towards a more sustainable future by creating innovative solutions that directly curb the emissions that affect climate change. We do this by using technology that converts CO2 into the highest quality and most sustainable fuels and alcohols on the planet — helping to decarbonize industries.

Computer Vision • Greentech • Mobile • Transportation
Long Island City, NY
891 Employees

Here at FLASH, we want to redefine how the world gets around. This audacious goal has an unlikely starting point- the parking asset. We believe that unlocking the hidden potential in parking assets and transforming them into dynamic digital hubs will the missing link in our fragmented mobility ecosystem. It starts with the operating system we built for those assets. We are creating a network that communicates and evolves based on the ever-changing needs of today's consumers and how they choose to get around. If it goes, we play a role in how.

Greentech • Internet of Things • Software • Energy
Brooklyn, NY
160 Employees

EnergyHub's platform lets consumers turn their smart thermostats, electric cars, and other IoT devices into virtual power plants that keep the grid stable and enable higher penetration of solar and wind power. We work on technology that already provides energy and cost savings to more than a million people.

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Automotive • Greentech • HR Tech • Sales • Software
350 Employees
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eCommerce • Greentech
70 Employees
Invenergy Thumbnail
Greentech • Real Estate • Social Impact • Energy • Industrial • Solar • Renewable Energy
2300 Employees
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Automotive • Greentech • Hardware • Energy
325 Employees
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Cloud • Greentech • Information Technology • Software • Energy
29 Employees
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Automotive • Greentech • Information Technology • Other • Software
45000 Employees
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Greentech • Analytics • Energy
72 Employees
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Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Greentech • Machine Learning • Robotics • Industrial • Automation
130 Employees
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Cloud • Greentech • Social Impact • Software • Consulting
Fully Remote
600 Employees

eCommerce • Greentech

Are you tired of calling multiple suppliers of waste-management and recycling companies to get the service you need? Are you currently paying the right price for your service? Relax, we at RecyclingAdvisor.com will help you - Free of charge! Just let us know what products and/or services you need and we will find accredited quality suppliers in our database. The suppliers with the best solutions for you will get back to you with their competitive Quotes asap. Fast, Easy & Free!

Greentech • Internet of Things • Energy
Brooklyn, NY
4 Employees

AEF Ice Systems is developing the next generation of IoT controllers for building and HVAC systems. We use innovative sensing and control methods to improve energy efficiency and user experience.


Radiator Labs' low cost, easy-to-install and patent protected retrofit converts old cast iron radiators into precision heating machines.

Big Data • Greentech • Software • Transportation
Berkeley, CA

The Voltaiq Battery Intelligence™ software platform dramatically accelerates battery innovation and drives measurable return on investment (ROI) by providing development teams with comprehensive, interactive, battery-specific analytics, real-time data access, and true enterprise-class data storage and management.

eCommerce • Greentech
Brooklyn, NY

10 Employees

GoMaterials is a B2B marketplace that optimizes the procurement process in the landscape construction industry. Our marketplace allows landscapers to by-pass big box retailers, and go directly to the source. Our algorithm analyzes every possible combination of vendors to fulfill a single order, looking at logistics, price and quality.

New York, NY

Revivn is a social enterprise focused on the repurposing of used technology for social good and empowerment. Revivn uses outdated electronics from companies to build out various initiatives helping people gain computer access.

Greentech • Social Impact
Ashfield, MA
2 Employees

Greentech • Information Technology • Other • Sales
908 Employees

View manufactures View Smart Glass, a new generation of smart windows that let in natural light and views, and enhance mental and physical wellbeing by significantly reducing headaches, eyestrain and drowsiness. In addition, View’s windows reduce glare and heat, improving the energy efficiency of buildings by 20 percent. View’s windows are digital, connected, and can be controlled from anywhere, including your phone – no blinds or shades required.

Angel or VC Firm • Greentech • Healthtech • Software • Biotech
3 Employees