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Digital Media • Fitness • Hardware • Mobile • Software
New York , NY
4,600 Employees

Peloton is the leading interactive fitness platform globally, with a passionate community of more than 6.9 million Members in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia. Peloton makes fitness entertaining, approachable, effective, and convenient, while fostering social connections that motivate its Members to commit to their fitness journeys. Consumers can access the Peloton library with thousands of live and on-demand classes at the gym, at home, on the road, or wherever they choose to move, through the Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, Peloton Bike+, Peloton Guide, and Peloton App on any iOS or Android device and select smart TVs. Through Peloton Corporate Wellness or Peloton Commercial, organizations and enterprises also have access to the Peloton platform and select Peloton products for their teams and customers. An innovator at the nexus of fitness, technology, and media, Peloton reinvented the fitness industry by developing a first-of-its-kind subscription platform that seamlessly combines the best equipment, proprietary networked software, world-class streaming digital fitness and wellness content, and best-in-class fitness experts and Instructors. Peloton was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New York City, with showrooms across the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia. For more information, visit www.onepeloton.com.

Fitness • Healthtech • Mobile • Analytics
New York, NY
1,100 Employees

WW is looking for candidates to help change people’s lives. We are a global wellness technology company inspiring millions of people to adopt healthy habits for real life. We do this through engaging digital experiences, face-to-face workshops and sustainable programs that encompass healthy eating, physical activity and positive mindset. By drawing on over five decades of experience and expertise in behavioral science, we build communities in order to deliver wellness for all.

New York City, NY
101 Employees

Founded in 2016, ByHeart is a fully integrated baby nutrition company dedicated to empowering parents with choice: we want ‘best nutrition for baby’ to be possible for every parent out there. We build each product from ground up: a team of pediatricians, breastmilk researchers and nutrition experts at the forefront of immune, cognitive, digestive and microbiome health informs our next-to-nature approach; we hand-pick the most wholesome ingredients from partners and farms that we consider family; we take pride in what we put in and in what we keep out of each recipe. On track to become only the 4th fully-integrated, FDA-registered baby nutrition company in the US, we blend in our own facility in Reading, PA with a proprietary small batch process to retain highest ingredient quality. Innovation isn’t easy, but we believe babies – and their parents – deserve a better feeding future.

Beauty • Fitness • Other
New York, NY
24 Employees

Ever/Body is a haven for high-performance beauty services founded around the mission to demystify cosmetic dermatology and make it more accessible. We offer a curated collection of clinically-tested face and body treatments, delivered by trusted medical professionals and designed to deliver natural-looking (not obvious) results. All in under 60 minutes. Through an elevated, seamless and personalized experience, we help our clients establish a modern approach to skincare as part of their self-care routine.

eCommerce • Fitness • Sports
Brooklyn, NY
20 Employees

eCommerce • Fitness • Software
New York, NY

Dibs is a platform that makes it easy for the fitness facilities to price classes according to real-time demand instead of charging one price across the board. We're maximizing revenues for SMBs through yield management.

Fitness • Food
Venice, CA
11 Employees

NOCCO is part of the Vitamin Well Group that was founded in Sweden in 2008 with an ambition to build a portfolio of brands in drinks and food – in short, establishing a healthier alternative to existing sodas and sugary juices. The Company’s biggest market is Scandinavia but the products are sold across 30+ countries, with strong growth in all mark

Fitness • Hospitality
Los angeles, CA
30 Employees

Beauty • Fitness • Healthtech
Columbus, OH

Fitness • Internet of Things
New York, NY

Tangram creates IOT devices and mobile platforms in the health & fitness space, empowering people with active data they can actually use.

Fitness • Healthtech

My goal for this company is to provide a platform of information such as healthy recipes, inspirational & motivational messages, fitness tips, and anything related to the betterment of one's self. This is important to me because I have seen what a difference overall health has made in my life. My desire is to inspire others through my story.

Fitness • Healthtech • Software
New York
10 Employees

Our mission at Fitnescity is to empower people to learn more about their wellness so they can make meaningful lifestyle changes. We offer clinical-grade wellness assessments that enables anyone to understand their current level of fitness and their risks, as well as track progress.

Fitness • Gaming

SPRYFIT is a reward-based fitness app, packed with games that motivate you to achieve fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness • HR Tech
New York, NY

Fitness • Logistics • Sports
New York, NY

AceSpace is an app designed to help tennis players locate available courts across the country. We fill unused courts by providing facilities with a management system designed for the the unique challenges tennis presents. Players see available courts and can book them through the app, saving time and easing the burden on facility staff

Fitness • Healthtech
New York, NY
200 Employees

Equinox+ was formed with the aim of developing transformative technologies, media, and experiences that inspire and equip consumers to pursue fitness every day, harnessing the power of Equinox Group’s preeminent brands, talent, and geographic footprint.

eCommerce • Fitness • Kids + Family • Sports
70 Employees

eCommerce • Fitness • Healthtech
new york, OH
60 Employees

Lovegra is a medication designed to enhance sexual satisfaction and treat female sexual dysfunction. Discover how Lovegra works, its benefits, and important considerations for usage. Explore the potential effects and safety of Lovegra.

Fitness • Healthtech • Other
Columbus, OH
100 Employees

Because of its powerful advantages, Apcalis Oral Jelly 20mg is a novel treatment that has attracted a lot of attention recently. This mouth jelly is designed to help people who are having problems in their personal lives, particularly those who have erectile dysfunction (ED).

Fitness • Healthtech
New York, NY

Our mission is to bring Soul to the people. Our one of a kind, rockstar instructors guide riders through an inspirational, meditative fitness experience that’s designed to benefit the body, mind and soul. Set in a dark candlelit room to high-energy music, our riders move in unison as a pack to the beat and follow the signature choreography of our instructors. The experience is tribal. It's primal. It's fun.