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eCommerce • Information Technology • Mobile • Sharing Economy • Software
Fully Remote
300 Employees

TaskRabbit is a marketplace platform that conveniently connects people with Taskers to handle everyday home to-do’s, such as furniture assembly, handyman work, moving help, and much more. Acquired by IKEA Group - the world’s largest furniture retailer - in 2017 At TaskRabbit, we want to make your neighborhood a little more familiar. Whether it’s a handyman (or woman!), a housecleaner, moving help or delivery person, we’re imagining a world where everyone will have a go-to team to make everyday life easier. As a company we celebrate innovation, inclusion and hard work. As a pioneer of the sharing economy, TaskRabbit was founded on the premise of neighbors helping neighbors. Since then, our network has grown to eight countries and 75+ cities, yet our core mission of creating a better everyday life for everyday people has remained the same. Together with IKEA, we’re creating more opportunities for people to earn a consistent, meaningful income on their own terms by building lasting relationships with clients in communities around the world. We are a group of mission-minded people. Our culture is collaborative, pragmatic, and fast-paced. We’re looking for talented, entrepreneurially-minded and data-driven people who also have a passion for helping people do what they love - and have a ton of fun while they’re at it.

eCommerce • Greentech • Sharing Economy
Brooklyn, NY
450 Employees

At the heart of Back Market is a simple idea: make devices a bit cleaner by making them last a bit longer. We think it's time to offer a strong and mainstream alternative to new products by making existing used devices more appealing to potential customers and making them accessible as a strong alternate option.

Enterprise Web • Events • HR Tech • Mobile • Professional Services • Sharing Economy • Social Media
New York, NY

Doing good and doing well does not have to be mutually exclusive. CariClub is an online platform strategically positioned at the intersection of corporate citizenship and professional networking. Employees from partner firms are able to leverage our proprietary matching algorithm to discover and join the associate boards of leading nonprofits.

Real Estate • Sharing Economy
New York, NY

Founder House is a coliving network for innovators. We believe that your level of success in life is dictated by the strength of your network, and that the easiest way to form a strong network is by living with lots of like-minded people. Our coliving community has produced countless new startups, jobs, friendships and connections in just our first 18 months - even a new seed fund that is now investing $100k in dozens of new startups! And we're just getting started.

Healthtech • Sharing Economy
New York, NY
8 Employees

Marketplace of integrative medicine & wellness providers who will come to you on-demand, anytime, anywhere.

Machine Learning • Mobile • On-Demand • Sharing Economy
New York, NY
200 Employees

I'm gonna be your everyday personal assistant, and i'm not a machine. Cool isn't?

Consumer Web • Real Estate • Sharing Economy • Social Impact
New York, NY

Nesterly tackles the two big challenges of housing affordability and aging in place with one simple solution – intergenerational homesharing. Join us in building a more interconnected and affordable world together, one home at a time.

Marketing Tech • Sharing Economy • Social Media
New York, NY
11 Employees

Comedywire is a community of 10,000+ writers and standup comedians comprising the world's largest writers' room. Companies and brands post projects (e.g., ideas for new advertising campaigns, topical humor for social media, etc.) to Comedywire and receive submissions back in near real time while writers compete to earn money.

Sharing Economy • Transportation

If you're like us, you love New York City, NY, from Central Park to Williamsburg to West Village. No matter where you end up, count on Lyft for rides in minutes. The Lyft app matches you with friendly local drivers at the tap of a button. Just request and go. After the ride, simply pay through your phone.

Agency • Professional Services • Real Estate • Sharing Economy
New York, NY

Built Interest believes the built environment is the most important aspect of modern society. Built Interest develops new age real estate in partnership with owners and operators to evolve how space is a service. All engagements are grounded in user design and placemaking research in order to define a deeply considered concept.

Real Estate • Sharing Economy • Software • Travel
New York, NY
15 Employees

StayMarquis is a full-service vacation rental marketing and management company that allows owners and guests to "rent without reservation". By providing first-class marketing, booking, rental management and concierge services, StayMarquis is involved at every step of the vacation rental process, ensuring a streamlined and hassle free experience.

Events • Mobile • Sharing Economy • Software
Bronx, NY
2 Employees

eCommerce • Hardware • Sharing Economy • Transportation
New York, NY
7 Employees

Levy Electric is transforming urban mobility with uniquely designed, built-to-own electric scooters. Based on New York, we are one of the leading US-based companies designing lightweight electric vehicles. In addition to direct sales, we also have recently launched a B2B platform that allows independent operators a turnkey solution for launching their own rental fleets using Levy vehicles and software.

Mobile • On-Demand • Sharing Economy
New York, NY
15 Employees

Skillr is making the world's knowledge more accessible than ever. Our innovative platform enables anyone to connect with an expert instantly and seamlessly. Skillr is transforming how expertise is discovered and shared.

Blockchain • Fintech • Payments • Sharing Economy

Cryptster is a decentralized worldwide P2P exchange platform. Our trading tools provide access to the pool of cryptocurrency traders all over the world connecting them in a way where they trade directly with each other. To stand out in a global market of digital currency exchanges, we offer a safe and equitable trading environment at lower fees.

Fintech • Payments • Sharing Economy
Brooklyn, NY
9 Employees

Archie is a fintech startup that simplifies all aspects of working with Freelancers for small businesses: onboarding, managing, contracts, payments, compliance, and taxes. Our platform allows for freelancers to get paid on their own terms for a small fee. Since inception we've paid thousands of freelancers, processed millions in payments, and raised $4.5M from world class investors to pursue this opportunity.

On-Demand • Sharing Economy
New York, NY
3 Employees

Zyp is an on-demand, area-specific cleaning service that takes the hassle out of cleaning with the simple push of a button through a mobile iOS application. An area-specific cleaning service means that we will come clean something as small as a single bathroom, kitchen or even just your living room!

Sharing Economy
50 Employees

Fat Llama is the platform that lets you rent out your belongings to others nearby. Everyday, we connect people who need things, with others in their neighborhood that have it to lend.

Other • Real Estate • Sharing Economy
New York, NY
5 Employees

Diggz is a roommate marketplace that covers all your basis. Find rooms for rent, roommates to fill your empty room, or partner up with someone to find a new place of your own. Diggz is a free service that connects you to like-minded prospective roommates with similar lifestyle attributes and preferences leveraging a proprietary matching algorithm

Information Technology • On-Demand • Sharing Economy • Software
Brooklyn, NY
50 Employees

Wooberly - a best in class Uber clone app that helps you achieve your dream. With our advanced technologies and end to end support, we give your taxi business a boost to growth in the booming marketplace.