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Digital Media • Fitness • Hardware • Mobile • Software
New York, New York, USA
4,600 Employees

Peloton is the leading interactive fitness platform globally, with a passionate community of more than 6.9 million Members in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia. Peloton makes fitness entertaining, approachable, effective, and convenient, while fostering social connections that motivate its Members to commit to their fitness journeys. Consumers can access the Peloton library with thousands of live and on-demand classes at the gym, at home, on the road, or wherever they choose to move, through the Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, Peloton Bike+, Peloton Guide, and Peloton App on any iOS or Android device and select smart TVs. Through Peloton Corporate Wellness or Peloton Commercial, organizations and enterprises also have access to the Peloton platform and select Peloton products for their teams and customers. An innovator at the nexus of fitness, technology, and media, Peloton reinvented the fitness industry by developing a first-of-its-kind subscription platform that seamlessly combines the best equipment, proprietary networked software, world-class streaming digital fitness and wellness content, and best-in-class fitness experts and Instructors. Peloton was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New York City, with showrooms across the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia. For more information, visit www.onepeloton.com.

New York, New York, USA
101 Employees

Founded in 2016, ByHeart is a fully integrated baby nutrition company dedicated to empowering parents with choice: we want ‘best nutrition for baby’ to be possible for every parent out there. We build each product from ground up: a team of pediatricians, breastmilk researchers and nutrition experts at the forefront of immune, cognitive, digestive and microbiome health informs our next-to-nature approach; we hand-pick the most wholesome ingredients from partners and farms that we consider family; we take pride in what we put in and in what we keep out of each recipe. On track to become only the 4th fully-integrated, FDA-registered baby nutrition company in the US, we blend in our own facility in Reading, PA with a proprietary small batch process to retain highest ingredient quality. Innovation isn’t easy, but we believe babies – and their parents – deserve a better feeding future.

Computer Vision • Consumer Web • Fitness • Machine Learning • Mobile
New York, New York, USA
11 Employees

Kickoff addresses two of the biggest challenges facing the 21st century - the obesity epidemic and the future of work, giving motivated workers a fulfilling and lucrative career, no matter their experience level. We are a remote personal training business-in-a-box that makes it easy for anyone to become a certified personal trainer, recruit clients from their network, fundamentally change lives for the better and earn a 6-figure income. Our tech makes our coaches ultra efficient and effective, from recruiting clients to daily nutrition behavior change to the best possible workout for the client each day. Clients get the unbeatable results that can only come from daily human accountability while coaches get much higher pay, complete autonomy, flexibility, and purpose. We’re well on our way to our goal of millions of high-earning coaches putting a massive dent in the obesity epidemic - to date, over 18,000 coaches have joined, and we’re growing north of 20% month on month.

Fitness • Healthtech • Mobile • Social Impact
250 Employees

ClassPass is revolutionizing the fitness and wellness industry by bringing together the world’s best classes and experiences into one app. Our mission? To motivate people to live inspired lives every day by introducing and seamlessly connecting them to soul-nurturing experiences. Whether you hit up a HIIT class, unwind with a massage, stream a class from your home or reconnect with your inner high school tennis player, we make it easy to prioritize your health.

Fitness • Healthtech • HR Tech • Software
16 Employees

IncentFit is a health and wellness benefits company. Our nine corporate wellness products are designed to reward your employees for making healthy choices all year round. Since 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of other businesses figure out what their employees really need from a wellness program, whether that's motivation to exercise or an easier way to pay for gym memberships. We serve small-and-mid-sized businesses and health insurance providers, across diverse industries—from major financial firms to manufacturing powerhouses, to public universities and nonprofits. Simply put, we make it simple to reward your team for living well.

Events • Fitness • Sports
1 Employees

ActiveNYC.com is your guide to finding upcoming running races, triathlons, mud runs and obstacle races, CrossFit® box competitions, yoga, fitness training, extreme endurance and team building events, retreats and more active things to do in and around New York City.

Fitness • Healthtech

Access full class schedules (that's right, no blackout times!) at the top fitness studios in New York City. Work out when and where you want with the convenience of one membership that fits your busy lifestyle.

Fitness • Food
11 Employees

NOCCO is part of the Vitamin Well Group that was founded in Sweden in 2008 with an ambition to build a portfolio of brands in drinks and food – in short, establishing a healthier alternative to existing sodas and sugary juices. The Company’s biggest market is Scandinavia but the products are sold across 30+ countries, with strong growth in all mark

Beauty • Fitness • Healthtech • Other • Retail
15 Employees

The Juhi Ash Center, located on Fifth Avenue and 61st Street, combines the best of both worlds to offer an integrative approach to both traditional and holistic medicine. Building on the legacy of the Ash Center for Comprehensive Medicine founded by Dr. Richard Ash, and the Juhi Center’s mission to combine technology with tradition by Juhi Singh, MA, LAc, the Juhi Ash Center promises to deliver patients a new model of healthcare that is both integrated and personalized. The Center offers a healing-oriented approach to integrative medicine which takes account of the whole person by focusing on the body, mind, and spirit. We explore all aspects of lifestyle and focus on a partnership between patient and practitioner that combines all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative. We recognize that good medicine should be based in good science, be inquiry driven, and be open to new paradigms. We use natural, effective, less-invasive interventions whenever possible and focus on the promotion of health and the prevention of illness as in addition to the treatment of disease.

Fitness • Mobile
40 Employees

Playbook is a mobile marketplace where the industry’s top instructors in health, fitness, and athletics turn their phone content into a subscription income - all on their own terms. Playbook currently has hundreds of the world’s top fitness creators on our platform and is one of the highest-rated apps on the app store.

eCommerce • Fitness • Healthtech
New York, New York, USA
50 Employees

"Learn about Asthalin inhaler, a trusted medication for managing asthma symptoms and promoting better breathing. Discover its fast-acting relief, proper usage, potential side effects, and how it helps individuals with respiratory conditions. Get comprehensive information on Asthalin inhaler to make informed decisions about your asthma treatment. #AsthalinInhaler #AsthmaRelief #BetterBreathing

eCommerce • Fitness • Healthtech
Township of Eden, Ohio, USA
60 Employees

Lovegra is a medication designed to enhance sexual satisfaction and treat female sexual dysfunction. Discover how Lovegra works, its benefits, and important considerations for usage. Explore the potential effects and safety of Lovegra.

Fitness • Healthtech
New York, New York, USA
1,800 Employees

Noom is the world's leading behavior change company, disrupting the weight loss and healthcare industries. By combining the power of artificial intelligence, mobile tech, and psychology with the empathy of over 3,000 health coaches, Noom helps people live healthier lives by changing their long-term habits.

eCommerce • Fitness
7 Employees

Revere is an elite sports nutrition company, but our products are different - we use only natural ingredients, so you never have to choose between better performance and better health. With formulas designed to meet the demands of the world’s most elite athletes to the weekend warrior, our mission is to maximize human performance for everyone.

Fitness • Healthtech

Hammerhead is a smart tool that effortlessly guides cyclists through the safest and most enjoyable bike routes with intuitive light patterns. Get the information that you need through the corner of your eye and keep your eyes safely on the road.

8 Employees

Zeamo is a FitTech company that believes in Fitness Freedom. We are a comprehensive directory and search engine for gyms. Gyms can increase revenue and memberships by becoming a Zeamo Partner gym. As a user, you gain access to a global network of facilities so that you can workout at a new spot locally or get a workout in while on the road.

Fitness • Healthtech

When is the last time you were 'one' with your workout music? Orindary music isn’t built for fitness. Which is why we build every Motion Traxx soundtrack for the needs of your workout. As the only music produced with our exclusive Action Sync technique, Motion Traxx music sets the perfect intensity, pace and flow for your workout. So intead of ‘fighting you’, the music perfectly supports you. Action Sync was developed by Deekron ‘The Fitness DJ’ over years of collaborating on workout music with Nike trainers and leading health magazines. Motion Traxx is trusted by major fitness brands including Gatorade, Asics, Propel Fitness Water and PowerBar.

Fitness • Logistics • Sports

AceSpace is an app designed to help tennis players locate available courts across the country. We fill unused courts by providing facilities with a management system designed for the the unique challenges tennis presents. Players see available courts and can book them through the app, saving time and easing the burden on facility staff

Artificial Intelligence • Consumer Web • Fitness • Healthtech • Software
Fully Remote

Wild Health was founded in response to a broken medical system, one focused on sick care instead of healthcare. ‍ Using our passion for preventative health, and grounded in our backgrounds in precision medicine, we’ve developed Clarity - the world's first true precision medicine algorithm. ‍ Through advanced machine learning, we combine DNA analysis, biometrics, microbiome testing, and phenotypic data to give you a blueprint for truly optimized health and a maximized health span. ‍ Unlike traditional medicine, we recognize that healthcare should be as unique and personalized as every patient it serves. Every day, we're committed in building a better approach to healthcare. One that doesn’t treat health like it’s one-size-fits all. One that doesn’t operate on trial and error. One that doesn’t treat patients like a number. One that lets you be in control. We’d love for you to join our mission - apply for our openings if you’re interested in working with us or email us at [email protected] to say hi or with any questions!

Fitness • Healthtech • Other
Columbus, Ohio, USA
100 Employees

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